Book Your Rental Safely!
Booking through sites like Airbnb, VRBO or can cost an extra 15%, sometimes 20%. Get the best deal by booking direct with the owner. Most owners prefer that too.

Here's how to pay safely in advance for your accommodation:
Red flags:
  • Too good to be true?
  • Only information is on Facebook/gumtree/craigslist?
  • Empty or missing availability calendars
  • A listing cloned
  • Responses indicate a wrong timezone
  • Pressure to pay quickly or lack of communication
  • Cross-check the property details
  • Check you have the name, phone number, address of the person you are paying
  • You've made that phone call before paying
  • You've checked that your reservation has blocked the property's calendar
Card payments are safest. Never pay using methods that
leave no trail (e.g. bitcoin, Western Union etc)
Never commit to booking before reading the Terms And Conditions of the property.
Pay particular attention to pet restrictions, maximum number of guests, suitability for toddlers or elderly, noise restrictions, arrival and departure times.
Be sure to understand the cancellation terms.
If you cannot get to your booked accommodation for an insurable reason, are you covered?

Don't expect the host to refund your rental payment because you are unable to go on your planned holiday. You can expect the host to adhere to the cancellation terms that you have already agreed to.

If you don't want to take that risk yourself, you can get suitable travel insurance. Note that many travel insurance policies exclude travel within your home country or exclude anything not booked through an agent.